Varsity Letters: a Timeless Classic


So, if you are familiar with Libby brand, you will know how I love a good bold statement piece. I'm loving that bold gold jewelry is finally having it's moment. I remember when I first opened in 2014 and I went way too over the top buying huge gold costume pieces like I was trying to accessorize Madonna on the cover of Harper's (now a classic by Terry Richardson) Reference image below:

Madonna Harpers Bazaar magazine cover December 2013 Terry Richardson

When I consider the design of jewelry and how I feel about it I always consider what's the classic version? How did it do it's thing in the past? Where's the goodness? And how is it being reworked to make sense now because it's never going to be interpreted the same way going into the future. Monogram jewelry is a common design with a hugely retro vibe to it. Whether it's in a goody two shoes 50's way or an OG way, it's seemingly always strongly referential when you wear it. And it's (apparently) having yet another moment? (does it ever really go away?) I came across some very varsity letter style necklaces that definitely get a bold gold look. While I personally have never been a wearer of letterman jackets, (I have briefly worn a boyfriend's) I admire those for which it makes sense. The typography alone is so wonderfully succinct with connotation. Alas, I did not turn out to be the sporty type, despite my swimmer's shoulders (non contact sports anyone?) but I am the jewelry type... (says 99.9% of women) And then the thought 'why relegate a varsity letter to jackets when you can wear it on your neck too'? Your own initial or your main squeeze. Like getting a tattoo, except not... Forces combine. 

Varsity Initial Necklace $455

Imagine my surprise when I came across an article from NY Mag's Coveteur about letterman's very recent resurgence. If it's on the runway expect to get years out of this trend. Here are some attributed images from the article:

And my fave: 

Princess Diana varsity letterman jacket

And one of my own finds. A pink less structured Gucci interpretation complete with varsity letter from Hypebae:

Gucci hypebae bomber varsity letter