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Long link paperclip chain necklace

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Gorgeous variation on paperclip chain necklace. NOTE: A NEW LINK SIZE HAS BEEN ADDED BETWEEN THE (not quite) MEDIUM AND LARGE. THERE ARE NOW FOUR DIFFERENT LINK SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM. The Large size from social media influencer posts is still here it is now the Extra large. Feel free to message me about it if needing help or clarification. On website, there is a customer support box connected directly to my FB messenger. Instagram and email are also available, as they have always been :)

This item is comprised of high quality metals only (no brass or steel):

  • 14k gold over sterling silver
  •  Italy .925 standard marked

Sizing guidelines for most requested lengths: 16” will rest right around the clavicle  18” will fall right below the clavicle.

DIY styling tip: If you can't decide between lengths, go with the longer one and you can custom shorten it by using a link as a clasp.